The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or more commonly known as Pastafarianism, is a religious sect that believes that the Spaghetti Monster created the entire universe. The cult following of this sect believes that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is composed of three components: the meatballs, pasta, and the sauce.

Other factions of the said religion do not believe that the Spaghetti is the ultimate form of Pastafarianism, but instead, it is the Macaroni that reigns supreme, thus believing that it is the Flying Macaroni Monster that created the entire universe. The monster also receives sacrifices in the mountains of Guam.

Various sects of Pastafarianism have their own central teachings that must be followed and put to heart. For example, the Reformed Pastafarian Church believes that 50 to 1 is balanced. This means that the greatest legacy that parents can leave their children is through sharing their faith of Pastafarianism, and this is simply represented with 50 hours of religious teachings coupled with an hour of criticism of other faiths.

Another sect of Pastafarianism believes that airport security inspections are immoral. Still another sect believes that it is the fusilli pasta that is the one true form of pasta.

The Truth

There are several issues as to the authenticity of the teachings of Pastafarianism, but Pastafarians believe that there are numerous evidence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster being a valid means of creation just as much as any of the existing diety-based creation myths.

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