A beginner’s guide to no deposit casino bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses

Most people either see online casinos as the modern-day Wild West (they are not) or the ideal way to make a ton of money and buy food, shelter and clothing (better believe). While some of us want to experience the novelty of an online casino, there are some out there who would rather take a wedgie. Anyway, online casinos are now doing anything and everything possible to make sure you get in on the action, and the latest way to do that is by use of a no deposit casino bonus.


What are no deposit bonuses?

You know how we humans are always looking for freebies? A no deposit casino bonus is a freebie that allows you to play in online casinos without having to deposit any of your own money into your account first. They come in the form of free money that you can play with, or free spins accorded on specific slot machines.


What are the rules?

you do not talk about no deposit casino bonuses

Rule nr1: You do not talk about no deposit casino bonuses!

Is it because we are talking a secret society here, and that the rules are only known to those who would venture out and see for themselves? Or are we talking about a members’ only fight club where you get a black eye for speaking out about it all? Fortunately, it is way less dramatic than that! The rules are a lot simpler than most would expect.

high wagering requirements

Rule nr 2: The rollovers might be seriously high

Let’s say you are working with a bonus of $5. The casino might set your rollover at 50x. This means that you are only required to wager amounts up to $250 in order to clear your minimum wagering requirements. A rollover is simply the minimum number of wagers you will need to make before you can actually ride off into the sunset with money that does not belong to you (or not). Sucks, I know, but rules are rules, aye?

Rule nr 3: There is almost always a catch

Now that you are rubbing your hands together gleefully, let’s see what you need to do last. Some online casinos will want you to now deposit some of your own cash in order to be able to withdraw your winnings. Doesn’t seem too hard to do for someone that has actually made it through all the other hurdles. The things people do for free stuff!

Rule nr 4: It is possible to significantly raise your chances

Simple. All you have to do is carpet bomb a goodly number of online casinos and sign up for their no deposit bonuses. This automatically increases your chances of winning. It’s just a matter of probability-the more chances you give yourself, the more likely it is for you to walk away with winnings at the end of it all. Comprendez-vous?


If you are looking to make some free money in online casinos, then you have your work cut out for you. I’m sure you won’t have any complaints when you finally buy a large plate of whatever off your winnings. Good luck with your quest for free money!

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