Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle

Brief History


Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle is a mascot for the Saginaw Spirit, which is a hockey team for the junior league in Michigan. 

Not too long ago, Richard Garber stole a Canadian hockey team and made it his own. As soon as the team was acquired by Garber, he then changed its colors to the standard red, blue, and white then used a bald eagle logo. It was then renamed ‘Spirit‘. Nice move, but nearly not nice enough for the Stephen Colbert that’s why he called on his Internet warriors to hijack the Spirit and name it after Stephen himself. Through some tube-manipulating skills by the Stephen Colbert Internet warriors, the mission was successfully accomplished.

Now, if you’re going to talk about hockey, the Saginaw Spirit is the hockey team worth watching, playing and bringing glory for Stephen Colbert only! 

Steagle’s Intro to Saginaw


Stephen’s introduction to Saginaw is as explosive as how he has hijacked his hockey team. He introduced himself through a giant electronic head and announce the Steagle name. Steagle is one of the very few words in the entire world that is both American loving and hockey related. This means that Steagle is in line with Stephen’s truthiness and justice agenda.

Since Steagle has been introduced, the Saginaw Spirit has experienced unparalleled winning streaks, going on to 6 undefeated games. If the Colbert nation continues their support, this winning steak will guarantee to continue. 

Is Steagle a Canada Lover?

It was in November 30, 2006 that a member of Colbert nation discreetly took a video of Steagle holding on to the Canadian flag when the national anthem was played. This video was then posted on Youtube causing a devastating effect. 


  • Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle is part of Stephen Colbert’s family;
  • Steagle was the number 1’s mascot of 2006;
  • Chuck Norris is not responsible for the death of Steagle;
  • If Steagle was deployed in Iraq, everything would have been over and done in just 30 days.
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